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Ranger Ted

CERTIFIED CALIFORNIA NATURALIST:   Ted Mattison received his naturalist credential from the Tejon Ranch Conservancy in cooperation with the University of California Davis. 


WILDERNESS FIRST AID: Ted is certifed by the National Outdoor Leadership School in Wilderness First Aid.


OUTDOORSMAN Ted's experience in the outdoors is extensive.  Born in Minnesota he was quickly introduced to the drastic seasons of his home state.  His family trips to the lakes of Northern Minnesota solidified his attachment to the great outdoors.  He's since built a cabin on one of those lakes.  He's kayaked, canoed, hiked, biked and camped all across the country from Alaska to Hawaii; from the Cascades to Catalina; from Yosemite to Joshua Tree.


SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER  Ted has a Master's Degree in Secondary Social Studies education.  He's taught in public and private schools to kids of all ages from New Jersey to Minnesota to Los Angeles.


HUSBAND AND FATHER lives in Huntington Beach, CA with his wife and two daughters.


ACTOR, WRITER, DIRECTOR: Ted has been a working actor in Los Angeles for over 20 years.  He has extensive credits in comm,ercials, television, film and theatre.  He's an award winning documentary filmmaker and now also teaching acting at the highly regarded Seydways Acting Studios.

Get to know Ted: Watch a Video

Geo Caching with Ranger Ted

Ted explains how much fun it is to go Geo Caching.  The perfect outdoor activity for kids and adults!

Griffith Park Overview

Ranger Ted takes you around this amazing park in just 4 minutes

Sepulveda Basin Goose!

Ranger Ted shows how big the lake at the Sepulveda Basin and how important it is to always respect wildlife...especially geese!

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