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Corporate Team Building Adventures

  • Certified California Naturalist
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • 5 Star Hiking Guide
  • Tejon Ranch Docent
  • Cabin Builder, Teacher and Lifelong Outdoorsman
Outdoor Hikes and Adventures in
Los Angeles and Orange County
with Ranger Ted

"Ted worked with me to design an unforgettable experience. I cannot recommend this highly enough." 

Paul Bloom, Wells Fargo, Minneapolis, MN

"Our team was thrilled with our adventure.  We saw whales, made our own nature journals and lost all sense of time. Perfect." 

Matthew McManus, Carbon VFX, Santa Monica, CA

"The best and most rewarding trip we've ever done!" 

Lisa Grezo, Showcase Locations, Las Vegas, NV

Skip the superficial.

Reward your team with WONDER.

  • 31% of office workers dislike "team building activities."

  • Americans check their phones between 80 and 300 times a day.

  • Half of all adults spend less than 5 hours in nature each week.

What is WONDER?

That indescribable and thrilling moment when you lose all sense of time. A feeling of awe and inspiration. Something that causes you to either pick up the pace or stop dead in your tracks and take notice. And most importantly, wonder is something, once we experience it again, we want more of and want to share with others.


Yes, walking along an unknown path with no idea of what's around the next turn can be very relaxing. Simply allowing your senses to experience the moment is healthy and freeing.  And what's around the next tree is often exhilarating. When was the last time you lost all sense of time? Your team will have the the time, space and the freedom to connect to your sense of wonder again.

Remember that Human Knot activity?  Me either!

While Scavenger Hunts and Murder Mystery Games have their place, those exercises often fade quickly. Ranger Ted provides you with long-lasting memories that shape life-long habits, deepen connections to others and to the bigger world outside.  Sometimes mindful and sometimes raucous, an adventure with Ranger Ted makes a wonder-filled impact.

What do you notice?

By asking 'What do you notice?' Ranger Ted helps people immerse in the great outdoors. This reduces stress, builds connection and sparks wonder. By recording experiences in their own unique way, the Naturalist Journal exercise brings people to a new level of openness and creativity.

What's the elevation?   How far did we hike?   Is that a wild cucumber?

A Ranger Ted adventure creates challenging but realistic goals, tangible results and camaraderie in ways never imagined. By simply exploring the bigger natural world, people find that the questions can be more exciting than the answers.

Naturalist Journal and First Aid Kit for all

Ranger Ted-HR-op-2-page-0.jpg 2015-6-7-1
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