Ranger Ted is a Certified California Naturalist and is trained in Wilderness First Aid.   He works closely with parents and teachers to create safe and meaningful outdoor adventures.

Schools and Field Trips

As a former social studies teacher for over ten years, Ranger Ted understands how to make the outdoors an exciting, hands-on classroom that has a lasting impact on childhood development.  Join the growing number of schools, home schools, and youth groups that call Ranger Ted their naturalist.

Field Trip, Birthday Party, Special Adventure designed just for your group!

Free Naturalist Journal &
First Aid Kit for all

An appropriate hike for the appropriate age

Ranger Ted knows how to get kids excited about the outdoors.  From toddlers to teens, Ranger Ted has a natural ability to create meaningful and fun outdoor recreation. 

Preparation + Safety = FUN

As a father and someone who has worked with young people his entire life Ranger Ted understands that exploring the outdoors must be done in a way that is safe but not limiting.  That's fun, but not reckless.  That's why Ranger Ted always comes prepared with a First Aid Kit, has Wilderness First Aid Training and works closely with parents and teachers to make sure that the safety of young people comes first.  It's from this attitude of preparation and respect for the great outdoors that we are able to then safely explore and have fun.

175.00 / hour /group of 10 or fewer

1 hour minimum

1 adult per five children required
Additional children above ten please add $10.00


 Ranger Ted is committed to sharing the great outdoors with people of all ages and abilities one hiking adventure at at time.  As a California Naturalist and expert hiking guide he believes that ground level interaction with the natural world greatly enhances the physical and mental health of all people.  He believes that greater bio-diversity is the key to a healthy planet which includes all species of animals and plants of which we humans are an integral part.  Ranger Ted knows that children who explore the natural world in unique, independent and imaginative ways learn a multitude of skills including confidence, leadership, curiousness, patience, stewardship and problem solving to name just a few.