Keep It Simple on Earth Day

We remembered to get some shoes on and not walk down a busy street...that's it! Oh, and to look at the trees and hummingbirds and basically get back in time to eat ;-)! Have a simple and easy EARTH DAY! Don't over complicate things with elaborate plans or unrealistic expectations. From my 9 month old to you, get out there and soak in some of the natural wonders of this planet !

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 Ranger Ted is committed to sharing the great outdoors with people of all ages and abilities one hiking adventure at at time.  As a California Naturalist and expert hiking guide he believes that ground level interaction with the natural world greatly enhances the physical and mental health of all people.  He believes that greater bio-diversity is the key to a healthy planet which includes all species of animals and plants of which we humans are an integral part.  Ranger Ted knows that children who explore the natural world in unique, independent and imaginative ways learn a multitude of skills including confidence, leadership, curiousness, patience, stewardship and problem solving to name just a few.