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All Hands on Deck for Nature with Kristina Haddad

Kristina Haddad is our Wonder Guide for episode six.  If you’re looking for some motivation, passion and commitment when it comes to the preservation and celebration of wild places look no further! If you’re looking for someone thoroughly versed in environmental activism and justice, you’ve come to the right place!

Kristina is currently the program director at the environmental non-profit organization, 7th Generation Advisors.  And while this job alone would be enough she also is an actor, teacher and life-long lover of nature.

Our conversation ranges from the big redwood trees of Northern California to her work to protect the Santa Monica Bay from pollution.  We talk about her one person show, Save Sheldon! which follows the journey of an environmental activist and her attempt to save an ancient tree.

Vernon Masayesva of the Black Mesa Trust with Kristina Haddad

We also take a deeper look at how environmental racism continues to harm and perpetuate disadvantaged communities, specifically people of color.

Kristina reminds us that we’re out of balance as a society in terms of our relationship to the environment (or her preferred term “nature”) but also shares specific actions we can take right now to preserve, protect and defend our planet. 

In the Where Art Meets Nature segment, DJ Shark and I discuss the great Talking Heads song, Nothing But Flowers. Again, DJ Shark points out the magnificent subtleties of another song that has nature at its center.

And DJ Shark can be found at his radio show, All Time is Now,

In the There’s No Planet B segment Kristina and I look at two important non-profits doing magnificent work to empower communities and preserve forests.  They are The Fund for Wild Nature and Sequoia Forest Keeper.

In the 3×3 Main Street Challenge we go to the glorious city of Juneau, Alaska.  We start at the iconic restaurant The Hanger on the Wharf.  They are across the street from Main Street in Juneau and their address is 2 Marine Way, Juneau, AK 99801. 3 minutes from there is the Mount Roberts Nature Center.

Less than 30 minutes away is the Mendenhall Glacier,

And if you get on the ferry in Juneau also known as the Alaska Marine Highway you can be in the great city of Haines and observe the thousands of American Bald Eagles there.


Here we stand Like an Adam and an Eve Waterfalls The Garden of Eden Two fools in love So beautiful and strong The birds in the trees Are smiling upon them From the age of the dinosaurs Cars have run on gasoline Where, where have they gone? Now, it’s nothing but flowers

There was a factory Now there are mountains and rivers You got it, you got it

We caught a rattlesnake Now we got something for dinner We got it, we got it

There was a shopping mall Now it’s all covered with flowers You’ve got it, you’ve got it

If this is paradise I wish I had a lawnmower You’ve got it, you’ve got it

Years ago I was an angry young man And I’d pretend That I was a billboard Standing tall By the side of the road I fell in love With a beautiful highway This used to be real estate Now it’s only fields and trees Where, where is the town Now, it’s nothing but flowers The highways and cars Were sacrificed for agriculture I thought that we’d start over But I guess I was wrong

Once there were parking lots Now it’s a peaceful oasis You’ve got it, you’ve got it

This was a Pizza Hut Now it’s all covered with daisies You got it, you got it

I miss the honky tonks, Dairy Queens, and 7-Elevens You got it, you got it

And as things fell apart Nobody paid much attention You got it, you got it

I dream of cherry pies, Candy bars, and chocolate chip cookies You got it, you got it

We used to microwave Now we just eat nuts and berries You got it, you got it

This was a discount store, Now it’s turned into a cornfield You’ve got it, you’ve got it

Don’t leave me stranded here I can’t get used to this lifestyle

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: David Byrne

(Nothing but) Flowers lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc


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