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Camping Savvy Moms Part II with Julie Pearl-Slater, Courtney Brown and Michelle Silver

Camping is for Everyone

Michelle, Julie and Courtney are back to share their wisdom and tips on camping with their families. From meal planning to realistic expectations to unplugging from devices to navigating the many personalities in any family, these Wonder Guides have a lot more value to offer all of us.

People Want to Help You

One of the most important themes to emerge from my conversation with Julie, Michelle and Courtney is that the barriers to getting outside are minimal. They prove again and again that just a little bit of planning and not a lot of money can create a wonderful outdoor experiences for the entire family.

The Barriers are Imaginary

Don’t let lack of gear or other financial limitations be a barrier to creating wonder for yourself and your loved ones. Just listen to these camping savvy moms and you’ll hopefully find the inspiration you need to plan your next adventure

Where Art Meets Nature with DJ Shark

In our music meets nature segment we look at three of the most talented women in all of music: Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. Their awards are too many to count. Their voices are too powerful to measure. Their contribution to music, art, other artists and fans is simply astounding. In their second collaboration TRIO II they sing a song called, High Sierra. Come along with DJ Shark and I as we discuss the highs and lows of love with these musical legends.

Where You Were When You Heard ‘That’ Song

I only recently found the track, High Sierra on Trio II.

And I’ll never forget it. Because the combination of songwriting with these voices is simply perfect. Here’s a youtube video of High Sierra.

3 x 3 Main AVENUE is in Cleveland

In the 3 x 3 Main Street challenge we travel to the legendary city of Cleveland and start at McCarthy’s Downtown. A “relaxed bar with pub grub and musical acts.”

A River on FIRE

That’s correct. Many know the story. Many have wondered if it is true. The answer is that yes, the Cuyahoga river in Ohio caught fire. MORE THAN ONCE. The causes are obvious: systematic, unrelenting, unchecked and long term pollution from a variety of sources left a river that was truly dead. Dead to animal life, dead to fish life and dead to a city that could hardly stand the smell of a vital waterway.

Just a couple minutes from McCarthy’s Downtown is Heritage Park and the Cuyahoga River which has made an amazing comeback.

Lake Erie and Much More

There’s a lot to explore along the Northeast Ohio shore and just 30 minutes from downtown Cleveland is the Headland Dunes Nature Preserve and the Headlands Beach State Park.

Niagara Falls is less than 3 hours away?

Yes indeed. And that’s not just if you’re in Northeast Ohio. That goes for many people in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Canada. There’s too much to say about Niagara Falls. But suffice to say there’s a reason we all know about it and so many people visit it every year.


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